Weekend in Riyadh

My trip to Riyadh was great, despite having to make two trips over the past two weekends. Janadriyah was amazing! Crowded this past Thursday, but a great opportunity to truly experience Saudi culture.


If you ever find yourself in Saudi Arabia, you must make the trip to see Riyadh. There are 3 places that you must go to if you are ever in Riyadh: the National Museum, Faisaliyah Tower and Kingdom Centre. I must say, the museum and surrounding area is amazing, you will not be disappointed. You will leave the museum with a better understanding of the Saudi culture, tradtions and history, and of course some great pictures, thats if you bring you camera.


If you are up for traditional Saudi food, you should visit Najd Village, the saleeq there is amazing! It is a great place to eat traditional Saudi food in a traditional environment.


I recommend visiting:
For those who wish to attend the last week of Janadriyah, but not quite sure how to get there, it is about 30 km outside of Riyadh’s city centre, in the direction of King Fahd Airport and Thumama. You will see some road signs along the way. I will post the exact coordinates. Family times start at 4 pm, and during the day is only for men.


You can also check out:


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Riyadh

  1. They don’t much promote their country in terms of tourism, do they? There are quite a few interesting places in the country; especially in the South, that go unheard of by so many people living in the country.

  2. For sure Saudi is lacking in the tourism sector. They are slowly catching up…I’ve just discovered that they are now offering bus tours (hop on & off type) throughout Riyadh. The tours cover both historical and modern attractions.

    More Info:
    Riyadh Bus Tours

    They should also offer desert safari/camping like in Qatar and Emirates…I would go for sure!

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