Before I get to the post, I want to apologise for not posting regularly lately. I have been quite busy, with a little bundle of joy on the way and having a gazillion things to do, okay that one is exaggerated a bit 🙂 So without further ramblings, lets get to todays post on what makes a great teacher.


Do you have that one teacher from high school who left a life long impression on you? That one person who inspired you, or who kicked your butt because they knew you had more in you. Although many teacher’s do the job for the money, there are some who do it because they have a passion for it and want to help and inspire the future generations. It is those select few who make a huge difference in the lives of their students, it is those who will never be forgotten.

For me that teacher was Mr. John Patsildes, he taught history, philosophy and politics in Toronto, a great man who everyone could not help but love. A man who until this day I thank God that I met. He taught us to be open to the world, to fight against ignorance, to break down stereotypes, to read the newspaper everyday, to think outside the box, and to push ourselves outside of our own limits. He encouraged us to think for ourselves rather than follow the herd. He made every morning great and truly educational. He pushed us all to dream bigger and brighter for ourselves. He was a real teacher!

Teacher’s are not just teaching kids math, science and languages, they are teaching kids the skills of life, well at least they should be. Growing up I had quite a few teacher’s who everyone loved because there was never much work being done in class, instead we’d all just chit chat and get to watch movies, sometimes not even related to the course. But looking back I realize what a disservice they had done to me and all of my other classmates. Although at the time they were the cool teacher’s, but looking back I cannot help but look back and think what the hell?

So for all the teacher’s out there: inspire, motivate and encourage your students not only with regards to the course material, but in life. Open their eye’s to the world and encourage them to reach for the stars and venture into uncharted territories. Teacher’s make a difference in their students lives, they can either chose to inspire or to stifle their students potential.

Did you ever have a teacher who left an impression on you for the better. If so what did they do?

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