Tamkeen (Empowerment)


EMPOWER YOURSELF. Instill passion, dreams and goals in yourself and others. We should dream and dream big. We should be optimistic because dreams do come true, if you allow them to.

We truly are our own greatest enemies, as it is our own created barriers which stop us from stepping outside of our comfort zones and making our dreams a reality. We need to envision our dreams as realities, create a plan to achieve it and then implement it.

Back in high-school we were told to write a eulogy for ourselves and write what we wanted to achieve in our lives. Mine included: creating world peace, empowering the youth and women of the world, being a scholar, a lawyer, a psychologist, a writer, a fashion designer, learning Arabic, French and Spanish, and the list went on. A few years had passed by and I came across that paper again, and I had realized that I lost my ambition and a sense of dreaming. I had brushed off all those dreams as unrealistic teenage optimism.  My mother used to always call me a dreamer and indeed I was. But at 24 yrs old, I had lost it, and realized again that dreaming keeps you going; it is what empowers you and creates change. I then told myself, why can’t I do what I had written in my eulogy? Okay maybe not everything, but I should be able to accomplish some, if not most of it in my life inshallah. So my point here is to never fail yourself by not dreaming. Dream big, have goals and aspirations and make them happen. You can and will achieve success if you do not let yourself get in the way!

Worldwide there are many people who settle for things in life, simply because they believe their dreams are unrealistic and unattainable. Here in Saudi Arabia there are many fresh high-school grads who accept offers from Aramco for 4ooo SR per month, but if they continue in their studies they could make much more. Aramco hires fresh university grads at 10,000 SR per month. That is a huge difference, and it only takes four years to achieve it. Many of those high-school grads have the marks required to pursue university, but choose not to because it is the easier way and regret it later.

So I ponder to myself: Why do we limit ourselves?

We settle for things in life, when we don’t have to. Why stop at imagining making 4000 SR per month, why not 10,000 or 50,000 or more. WHY?

The greatest people in history were dreamers, they made the unimaginable imaginable. I believe the word “impossible” should be deleted from the English language and in all languages.

“Look beyond what you see,” and yes I’m quoting “The Lion King” 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tamkeen (Empowerment)

  1. “I believe the word “impossible” should be deleted from the English language and in all languages.”—me too.

    I love the bit about The Lion King!

  2. This speaks to me! I remember making such a list myself – languages, the places I wanted to visit. I’m still studying, and right now, determined to make a difference, especially for people who don’t have the optimism to dream big like us. Nice read!

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