Reach for The Stars

You only have one chance in this world, so cease every moment of opportunity! Sometimes we let life get in the way of things, we get boggled down with school, work and our daily schedules. Often leaving ourselves at the bottom of the “to do list.”

We need to live each day as its our last, while also dreaming and preparing for our futures as if we’d live forever. Savour life and the precious moments we have with our friends and families. 24 hours in a day is more than enough to do the things you want to do, only if you arrange your time properly. You can create a healthy balance in your life: for hobbies, work, school, friends, family, worship and still get a good nights sleep.

So if you like something, pursue it! If you do not know enough about it, learn it! Do not let anything stand in your way! Make your dreams come true.

For me it was creating this website, learning Arabic (still am) and pursuing my love for the arts, in particular photography. You have to push yourself to take that first step. It’s difficult, yes, but not impossible. The only thing that is impossible is what you think is impossible.

Live your dreams…do not let them fade away, this will be a great injustice to yourself. There is really nothing more fulfilling than living your dream. So go for it! Yallah!

Don’t say that there is not enough time; you cannot do it; its too hard, its impossible. Give all your excuses a black eye and hit the ground running forward.

One thought on “Reach for The Stars

  1. Ah! Biggest reality check is how those 2 month long vacations come to an abrupt end after your education ends, and work starts. I think kids need to be taught how to make really enjoy those 2 months and make them productive, because they’re gonna miss it once they start earning.

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