Knowing How to Speak

Okay we all have those occasional moments when we blurt things out without thinking, but sometimes the consequences of that action can have dire results. It is certainly easier said than done, but we need to know how to speak, whether at work, at home or in any type of social environment.

I’ve encountered many times people who open their mouths and just let whatever come out, sometimes not realizing how rude and obnoxious they actually sound. This can apply to emails just as similarly to conversations. Knowing how to speak and deal with people is the key to success. Life is all about dealing with people.

Everyone has different personalities, ways of thinking and cultural norms, so learning how to navigate through all of that can sometimes be difficult, but with practice and time it becomes natural.

So here’s a few tips to remember:

  • Think before you speak.
  • Be polite.
  • Listen to the other person before you speak.
  • Do not answer your phone unless you excuse yourself first.
  • Do not ask inappropriate, personal or intrusive questions to someone you’ve just met or barely know.

In every culture there are those “no-no questions,” most often it centre’s on:

  • Money/Income
  • Age
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Weight/Size

Of course the “no-no questions,” depend on your relationship with the person. The more closer you are to a person the more likely things will be more open to discussion.

What are some of the crazy, rude or just really strange questions people have asked you? What are some questions or behaviours that are considered rude in your culture?

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