A Generous King

King Abdullah


King Abdullah has been known as a reformer. There have been many changes under King Abdullah. Change may be coming too slow for some, while for others mayber too fast. But one thing is for sure, that change is occuring.

He has made many great accomplishments, such as:

  • KAUST (University of Science and Technology).
  • Appointed Nora bint Abdullah Al Fayez, as deputy education minister. The first female minister.
  • 2005 developed the government scholarship program for Saudi’s studying abroad.
  • Created a $37 billion dollar program to tackle major issues such as unemployment, housing subsidies and education.
  • Allocated $400 billion dollars towards education, health sector and infrastructure up until 2014.
  • Donated generously to many philanthropic causes (Some Examples: Seperation of Egyptian conjoined twins, as well as the seperation of Polish conjoined twins->SEE: Video)

I have just named a few, although I’m sure there are many more. With the recent royal decrees, one being the payment of two months salaries, you will find the malls packed with happy shoppers. His generousity has not only benefited the people working in Saudi Arabia, but has also stimulated the economy and many, including my family will donate to charities locally and abroad. The money will benefit the people and the country. This very simple gesture, something he did not have to do, has brought goodness and happieness to the people.

So this is my THANK YOU 🙂


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