Do you ever feel frustrated or depressed from the stress of work, or school, with your parents, spouse, or kids? Sometimes escaping or stepping outside of your reality, even if for a moment can really relieve that tension or sadness that you feel. Escaping reality for a while can be a good thing, but when the means of escapism is drugs, alcohol and/or illicit relationships (being promiscuous, or having affairs), well that’s a recipe for disaster! You might just want to zone […]

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Always Girls

Have you ever noticed that Muslim families tend to focus their efforts on the girls of the family, rather the boys? From my experience and observations, many Muslim families living in the West, as well as here in Saudi Arabia, ensure that their daughters wear the Islamic attire and are “proper,” while leaving their sons to manage themselves. I know many families in the USA and Canada, whose daughters wear the hijab or niqab and behave according to Islamic etiquette, […]

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