Dealing with Change

We all have to deal with change. Change is inevitable and is a natural part of life. It can be growing older, moving to a new home (city or country), being diagnosed with cancer, staying up-to-date with technological advancements, death in the family, birth of a child, marriage, divorce, starting a new job, being laid-off or even fired. Change comes both big and small, easy and hard, expected and unexpected! Most of us are uncomfortable with what we don’t know or […]

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Under the Veil

People often do not see the person under the veil, all they can see is the cloth that covers you. Ever since veiling since my conversion to Islam I have noticed the difference in the way people deal with me. People assume that I am what many people call a “foreigner” or “FOB” (Fresh Off the Boat). When I speak many people say, “Your English is very good, you have no accent at all.” Ah well of course I don’t, I am […]

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Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome)

Today is the day that I officially begin my blog. Its a day I have been anticipating for a while now. I just wanted to get some of my exams out of the way first. I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts! I am very excited about this start-up and really do believe it will bring about positive change and a dialogue to broaden our horizons in respect to the cultural and social issues facing the West and the Middle East, more […]

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