Do you ever feel frustrated or depressed from the stress of work, or school, with your parents, spouse, or kids? Sometimes escaping or stepping outside of your reality, even if for a moment can really relieve that tension or sadness that you feel.

Escaping reality for a while can be a good thing, but when the means of escapism is drugs, alcohol and/or illicit relationships (being promiscuous, or having affairs), well that’s a recipe for disaster!

You might just want to zone out for a while and listen to music, pray, daydream, relax by the water or just be alone, and that is just fine and actually good for your overall well being. But when you use destructive or excessive means to escape whatever it is that your facing, you are actually making things worse!

Many people turn to drugs, alcohol, and sex to escape their realities and cover up their problems and what they are really feeling inside. It makes you feel good and for a moment you forget the world around you. But that high or moment of bliss lasts only a moment, and then you are left with the consequence of your choices and the same reality you were facing before.

Substance abuse and addictions are an increasing trend worldwide. Some people drink alcohol, smoke weed (marijuana), sniff glue or the fumes of gasoline, or snort cocaine. Once you make the choice and abuse drugs you can easily become addicted. Sometimes it just takes one time and you become addicted, this is especially the case with heavy narcotics.

The Ministry of Health, here in Saudi Arabia has committed to building 16 more insitutions nation-wide to battle the increase in substance abuse, addictions and mental health. It really makes you wonder why is substance abuse, addictions and depression increasing worldwide and Saudi Arabia specifically? What can be done to fight it?

Most importantly if you are or you know someone who is abusing drugs, seek help! Talk to someone you trust and seek medical help. There is no shame in having a drug or alcohol problem, the shame is knowing that you have it or knowing of someone who needs help and yet do nothing about it!

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