Desert Camping

The cool weather is here in Saudi Arabia and many people love to head in to the desert on the weekends, whether for a day trip or even overnight. If you’ve never been, give it a try, personally I think it’s great and a lot of fun. You can roast marshmallows over the fire, drive around on 4 wheelers, search for desert roses and fossils or just lounge around.

When I tell people that I love to head out to the desert, there are two responses, either they are just as interested as I am, or they think I’m nuts. I am the outdoorsy type and camping in a tent, trailer or cottage was something that my family has always done since I was a kid. So my interest in desert camping was something that came naturally to me I guess.

I believe to truly enjoy your life here or anywhere, you have to embrace it, be willing to try new things and be willing to see things differently sometimes.

Anyone who is thinking of heading day or overnight camping in the desert, I say go for it, but be prepared. Don’t go venturing into the Empty Quarter or doing anything crazy unless you are with people who know what they’re doing! There are many places  just off the highway that you can try out. When driving off the main road look for tire tracks and follow them until you find your ideal camp site. For first timers and those who are not in a group, don’t go too far from the road. The key to making the experience fun is to plan ahead and make sure to bring an adequate supply of water, food and snacks with you, especially if you plan to venture further from the main roads. Make sure your vehicle can handle the desert terrain, 4×4 suv’s or trucks, and bring along your cell phone.

Desert camping is a great way to experience Saudi Arabia. So to the expats out there who have not ventured yet in to the desert, go for it. The weather is right and you really do not have to go far to have a picnic, full day or overnight stay in the desert. You really don’t know if you would like it unless you try.

Have fun, I know I will!

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