Chaos in London

London and surrounding cities are in utter chaos. There is mass looting, setting fires, muggings, and violence ravaging the city. Approximately 1500 people have been arrested so far. People as young as 11 are looting, setting buildings and cars on fire, and attacking people in the streets.

Some of the looters are saying that they are showing the government, police, and the rich that they can do what they want. Others are saying that they’re just having some fun and picking up free stuff. They talk so casually about it without any sense of law or what is right or wrong.

In this interview the anonymous man discusses what he say’s is the the real problem and reason behind the riots. He later goes on to say that the youth in poor neighbourhoods are doing this as a cry for help.

Some of the biggest and most important questions that need to be addressed are; where are these peoples parents? Is there no such thing as discipline anymore?  Are we teaching kids the difference between right and wrong? Have we let gangs take over society? Are parents, teachers, principals and community leaders not addressing the real problems amongst troubled youth? Are police doing enough?

In this video, Prime Minister David Cameron discusses options for the police force, as well as discussing what he say’s are the core issues behind the rioting.

What do you think the reasons are behind these riots?

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