Born in Saudi Arabia

I was born in Saudi Arabia.

There are approximately 8.4 million expats in Saudi Arabia. Twenty-three percent of whom were born in Saudi Arabia. There are even some who are 2nd and 3rd generation born in Saudi, yet cannot attain Saudi citizenship. Expats work in a variety of different fields, some are doctors, engineers, teachers, but the majority of them are labourers (sales clerks, cashiers, barbers, waiters, construction workers, cleaners etc…).

There was a recent article in the Arab News, which deals with expats who were born here and their struggle with their national and cultural identity. (See Here: Expats Born in Saudi)

Should these expats be eligible for citizenship? Should the stateless people be given citizenship on humanitarian grounds?

If Saudi Arabia were to relax the immigration laws, how would that affect the country and its people?


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