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When They Really Need You


Often times when we believe we should leave people alone, it is when they need us the most. This is so true with regards adolescents and teenagers. They may have you fooled, but all they want and need is their parents, contrary to popular belief. They are at an age where they are at a crossroads between dependence and independence.

Parents, community leaders and teachers should not be intimidated to discuss issues with the youth. If you see an adolescent/teenager starting to hang around the “wrong crowd,” behaving differently, having academic problems, relationship/dating problems or consuming alcohol and/or drugs, then you need to sit down with them and listen. Guide them to success!  Ask them what are their dreams, their goals? And if they believe the path they are on currently will lead them to their dreams and goals; do they really want to idle in the same predicament all of, or if not, most of their lives?

Parents need to play a larger role in their children’s lives. They need to be supportive, encourage extracurricular activities and spend time as a family. There is a lack of involvement on the parent’s part, due to work and simply just not putting it as a priority. The irony of it all, is that most, if not all parents would say that they do it for the kids, failing to realize that what they really need is you, the parent. People are literally putting their careers and everyday schedules before their family without realizing it and understanding the consequences.

Just as we look at our careers as investments, we need to look at our children in the same manner.

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