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Welcome! My name is Felicia (Khadija), I’m a Mom to 5 beautiful children, I converted to Islam at 17 years old, and I write passionately about modest fashion, entrepreneurship, about how we can find ways to make an impact in our communities and change the narrative on Islam, and Muslim women in our society.

 All my life I’ve loved the arts, especially fashion. I started out blogging in 2011, then paused as my family grew and I focused on my schooling, led a women’s group and social activities for the ladies in our compound in Saudi Arabia, and worked with friends on creating a halaqa to keep our eman strong, and now here I am back again, finding another way to pursue my dream to make a difference.
Since 2004 I’ve wanted to create a modest fashion clothing line, as I was so frustrated with what was available, but at that time, I did not have the right mindset to make it happen. I was insistent on completing my psychology and Islamic studies degree, and using that knowledge to help provide counseling for people with marital problems, addictions, trauma, and wanted to create terrorism prevention programs for at risk youth. But a whisper kept coming back to me every now and then, pushing the idea of going for that dream of creating a modest fashion line, but I stubbornly kept telling myself nope, I have to finish my degree and through counseling and coaching, I believed I could make a greater impact.
Now here I am finally listening to that whisper, and this past year I’ve created Mayada, a modest fashion clothing brand, which will launch its first collection soon (the date is a surprise).
By having Muslims and Islam in the spotlight and through social engagement, can we break down the barriers, the stereotypes, and by having a brand that represents Muslims, can we become more inclusive in our societies and add our true story to the greater social narrative.
We can make a difference through fashion. We can take the stage back and change the narrative that the media say’s on our behalf, and create a more inclusive society, where Muslim centered businesses become mainstream, where it is not exceptional to have hijabi’s on TV commercials, magazine covers, billboards, sitting in the CEO office or on the board of directors for major corporations, or representing in government.
We don’t need anyone to tell our story for us, we can tell our own story!

Check out the blog for the latest posts, and take a look at the shop section, where it lists amazing books on entrepreneurship, fashion, as well as to the Mayada website.

I hope you enjoy it. Lots of Love.

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Khadija,

    Loved your blog. you are an inspiration to the women of this world. Keep blogging. we should meet up someday please. I would love to come to your place or you can come to mine.

    Lots of love,

  2. salam alaikum felicia. I thank Almighty Allah that guide you to the straight path. may Allah accept all your good deed as an act of ibada.

  3. الله معاكى يا زوجة اخي العزيز
    ربنايجعلك من اهل الجنة انت وزوجك واولادك
    بارك الله فيك

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