Steve Jobs needs no introduction. He was a visionary leader who changed the world and our everyday lives through technology.

When I read that he had passed away, I felt genuinely sad, just as I believe most people had felt. We had lost a legend and the world had lost someone truly remarkable.

In his Stanford University speech, I believe he truly summed up all of  life’s lessons in 15 minutes. Now how many people can do that?

He touched base upon the flaws in the education system, coupled with the general attitude towards University and what most people define as success and happiness. Society has this popular idea that most parents shove down their kids throats, that you get good grades in High-school so that you can get into University and get a job to make a good salary, and you’ll be happy.

But how many people have degree’s and go to work everyday saying to themselves, “I hate this.” Or they may have this great business idea, but pursuing it is “crazy and taking way too big of a risk.” His point is to do what you love and follow your gut feeling. Don’t go in to medicine, engineering or law, simply because it brings in the money and is considered prestigious. If you love it go for it by all means, but find what you love to do, and that will bring you happiness.

He had great passion and truly believed in his work at Apple. He makes me look at my Blackberry Torch and want to replace it with an iPhone. If you want to know his impact on the world just look in your homes. How many of you have or want an iPhone, iPod, iPad or a MacBook? How many of you have seen a movie produced by Pixar? Movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Car’s.

Job’s said, its impossible to connect the dots looking forward, only looking back can you connect it. Follow your  heart and believe that it will all connect together in the end. Find what you love to do and never settle! And always remember through falling down can we truly learn to grow. And most importantly never drown out your inner voice.

He finishes the speech by saying, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.”

To me that means, have a hunger for knowledge and never be satisfied and to be willing to take risks. What does it mean to you?

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