Be unapologetically YOU!

Muslim feminist
Photo via Deviantart.com by Tuffix.

I’m a proud Irish-Scottish-Vietnamese-Canadian Muslim, a hijabi, a feminist, a humanist, and unafraid to say so! No part contradicts the other, but rather enriches the other facets of my identity.

Life can be so challenging, especially when you stand out and don’t fit the convenient narrative that is built for us by others. But there is so much beauty and strength in going against that narrative. Shattering all of those misconceptions of “what we are or should be.”

Each of us are beautifully unique, and we should proudly celebrate it.

We must be strong in the face of adversity, social injustices, and keep barging forward for our own personal truths. Prophet Mohammed (saw) said, “Speak the truth even if it’s bitter.”

We don’t have to be sorry, for what we are, what we believe in or what we chose to wear, or not wear. I’m proud of my modesty and believe my modesty is a form of expression to the world. My personality and my beliefs exude itself in my style. How we dress is a visual expression of ourselves.

The modest movement has not been limited to a specific faith or isolated to a specific region, but rather has become a global movement. My hopes are that from this movement emerges empowered modest women who will be the role models for the next generations to come, with brands that are more inclusive, and represent the modest woman, in all its forms, for who she truly is. There is no one size fits all for modesty, or the modest woman.

With so many modest women in business, as professionals, in areas where we are traditionally not seen, as content creators on Instagram and YouTube, we have shattered the first glass ceiling of the stereotype that we are somehow oppressed or limited by our modesty. It’s really just the beginning, and I cannot wait to see what is next to come.

What do you want to see next?

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